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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

It is our sincere hope that you will be happy with the products and service that you receive from us. We will act quickly and fairly to remedy any problems that may arise. All queries regarding any item in our store are welcomed.

We try to get colours as accurate as possible, however due to lighting and display setting, images may not be 100% accurate. Fabric samples are available upon request (message us with colour/fabric and address) and recommended especially when trying to match with decor.
As the cost of postage and packaging goods is high, we recommend that you thoroughly enquire before placing your order .

We guarantee (excluding bean filling), the design, fabric and manufacture of all products against reasonable wear and tear for a period of one year from the date of purchase. N.B. This guarantee is limited to 6 months, for commercial use customers.

Depending on item usage, the polystyrene beans way flatten over time with use. Your beanbag may therefore need to be topped up with filling (please check our shop to purchase polystyrene bead filling).

Please ensure you read the 'Delivery Information' page for important information that may be applicable for delivery of your goods.